Bathing is permitted on 33 beaches in the Kaliningrad region. Rescue stations in places of mass recreation will start working on May 30, according to the press service of the regional EMERCOM.

It will be possible to take water procedures in the following places:

  1. Guryevsky district:a lake on the territory of “Podvorye on Khutorskaya”;
  2. Kaliningrad: Pelavskoe, Karpovskoe, Shenfliz, Golubye Lakes (Far, Middle, Near), a quarry near the “Mechta” cooperative society in the Pribrezhny district;
  3. Pionersky urban district: beaches on the seashore #1 and #2;
  4. Yantarny: beaches “Lagoon”, “Yantarny”, “Central”;
  5. Zelenogradsky municipal district: beaches: “Kulikovo” (Kulikovo settlement), “Neptun”, “Gagarina”, “Sambia”, “Zapadny” (all Zelenogradsk), “Lesnoy” (Curonian Spit);
  6. Gusev Urban District: Lake Domashnoye in the village of Lomovo;
  7. Baltiysky urban district: the beach near the street Gvardeysky boulevard, the beach “Central”, the beach on the sea shore of the Baltiyskaya spit;
  8. Polessk: town beach on the Polessky channel;
  9. Mamonovo: a beach on the coast of the Kaliningrad bay;
  10. Pravdinskiy municipality: beach on the Zheleznodorozhnaya river in the town. Zheleznodorozhny, Pravdinskoye water reservoir;
  11. Gvardeysky municipality: quarry in Beryozovka settlement, pond in Rovnoe settlement;
  12. Sovetsk: town beach on the river Tylja,
  13. Bagrationovsk:Lake Langer;
  14. Svetlogorsk: beaches “Tsentralny” and “Vostochny” on the sea coast

The Ministry of Emergency reminded that swimming outside these areas is dangerous to life and is an administrative violation, for which it may be fined in accordance with the regional CAO.

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