The Ministry of Internal Affairs allowed to increase the maximum speed on Russian roads to 130 kilometers per hour under the condition of guaranteeing safety. This is reported by TASS with reference to the press center of the Russian Interior Ministry.

“By decision of the owners or owners of highways, it may be allowed to increase the speed for certain types of vehicles, if the conditions ensure safe traffic. In this case the value of allowed speed should not exceed 130 km/h on roads marked with 5.1 signs and 110 km/h on the roads marked with 5.3 signs”, – the report says.

The head of traffic police Mikhail Chernikov previously said that the traffic police is considering increasing the maximum allowable speed on some roads of the country to 150 km / h, but where it is safe. He also noted that the traffic police will be involved in the opinion on the draft organization of road traffic and comprehensive schemes and will be able to give instructions on the placement of signs, cameras and markings.

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