Requirements for the Lessee

• Age – from 25 years;
• Driving experience – from 3 years;

Required documents for individuals

• Civil Passport;
• Driver’s License;

Compulsory documents for legal entities.

• Details for conclusion of car rental contracts;
• Certificate of registration of a legal entity (copy);
• Power of attorney from your company, with the right to sign motor vehicle rent agreements.
• Passport of RF and Driver’s License of the person who will drive the car.


Required to send: passport photos (main page, residence registration) and driver’s license
on both sides. You can send photos to: or on WhatsApp/Viber;

During periods of high demand, you may have to pay in advance and change prices (check information by phone).

Payment terms:

Payment is made in the amount of 100% of the contractual amount at the time of delivery of the car:

  • In cash at the cash desk;
  • Visa / MasterCard;
  • transfer to a bank account;

The security deposit is paid at the moment of car’s transfer (by card or in cash) and is returned right after the car’s return (to the card), if no fines are received;
The amount of the security deposit is determined by type of car. Clients who have residence permit in Kaliningrad region when booking a car for more than 7 days – security deposit is not required.


All cars are insured with OMTPL; also there is a CASCO insurance, the number of cars is limited
For cars with CASCO there is a deductible of 20 000 rubles;

Tenant bears full financial responsibility:

  • In cases of violations of the terms of the rental agreement (as well as in case of failure to provide a certificate of the accident).
  • In case of traffic accident or damage of the car. The Renter is obliged to present the certificates from the traffic police. If the Renter is not the perpetrator of the accident, then the Client’s liability is limited to the deposited amount. If the Client is the perpetrator of the accident or the culprit is unknown, then the client’s liability is 10 thousand rubles for each damaged element or 20 thousand rubles per element if the car is worth more than 3 thousand rubles per day. In cases of exceeding the speed limit resulting in an accident, the tenant shall fully reimburse the damage caused to the car (Within 30 days). In the case of exceeding the speed limit, gives an opinion of an independent expert.
  • In cases of need, to repair the tire at his own expense.
  • If you need a tow truck, you can order it here,

Additional conditions

  • No extra charge for late delivery of the car. The first 10 minutes are free of charge. Every additional hour set by the contract must be paid at the rate of 30% of the daily rental price. If the car return is delayed for more than 1 hour, the payment is at the rate of daily rental.
  • The car is returned in a clean and filled up with fuel tank. The car is returned on time in its original condition. If the car is dirty, the client pays the amount of car wash in the amount of 1000 rubles.
  • The minimum term of a car rental is 1 day (24 hours) from the moment of its delivery.
  • If several drivers drive the car, it is necessary to submit photos of the documents of each of them when executing the contract.
  • Smoking is forbidden in “Travelcar” cars. The penalty is 5000 rubles.
  • If you rent a car and have not notified about the possible extension of the term of use, the company “TravelCar” reserves the right to reserve the car for other clients, without informing you (under conditions that there is more than 1 day between the beginning of car rental by other clients and the end of the rental by you). In cases where you have not informed about the extension of the rental period and the company has reserved a car for other customers, you will need to return the car at the appointed time or exchange it for another.
  • It is possible to travel abroad in a “Travelcar”. When booking a car, be sure to inform the operator of this intention. To travel abroad, you must obtain a “Green Card” – a travel insurance policy. When using a car abroad, a limit on the mileage enters – 300 km / day. If you go over the mileage, you pay 4 rubles per kilometer.
  • When booking a car you can specify in the application the place of its delivery. Delivery of a car around the city is 1000 rubles. Delivery to the airport “Khrabrovo” – 1500 rubles.

Calculating the cost of rental

  • 1-2 days – 2000 rubles
  • 3-5 days – 1,950 rubles
  • 6-13 days – 1,900 rubles
  • 13-29 days – 1850 rubles
  • From 29 days – 1800 rubles

Rental price depends on the period for which you rent a car.
For example, you rent a car for 29 days, but plan to pay every 5 days. In this case the price will be 1,950 rubles per day.

In case of early return of the car recalculation is made on tariffing depending on the actual use of your car.
For example, you rented a car for 8 days at 1900 rubles per day and paid 15,200 rubles. After some time you return the car for 3 days earlier. In this case cost of the lease will be calculated from tariff 3-5 days – 1950 rubles. Total 15 200 – (1950 × 5) = 5 450 rubles. Will be returned to you.

At prolongation of the rental period the price is calculated according to tariffication of paid period, but daily price of the next period cannot exceed the amount of initial tariff.
You have rented a car for 2 days at 2000 rub./day, and then decided to extend the period for 2 more days. The price of prolongation of the lease will be formed on tariff of 1-2 days and will make 2000 rub./day.
You rented a car for 2 days at 2000 rubles per day and then decided to prolong it for 5 days more. The price of prolongation of the rent for every next day will be formed from the tariff of 6-13 days and will make 1900 rub./day.
You rented a car for 4 days at the rate of 1950 rubles per day and decided to prolong it for 1 more day. The cost of prolongation will be 1950 rub./day according to the initial tariff.

Lease agreement specimen

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